Fantasy League – week five. Arise, Sir Benney.

Backing yourself is one thing, completely owning it is another and Luke Benneyworth ruled the roost once more this week. Another ton, another couple of catches and a mammoth 173 points helped all those who selected him (especially as captain and including himself) as “5 off them, 1 of them” leapfrogged “Duttlers Donkeys” and “Smoked It!” into top spot.

That score also put Luke firmly in the MVP top spot with 516 points. Danners (359), Louis (357), Sukesh (233 on account of not playing) and the sensuous Je T’aime Baldwin on 230 complete the top five.

Interestingly, the biggest points accumulator of the week was a certain Mikey Dannenberg who, owing to a glitch in the Matrix, has been unable to access his initial team “Mystic Oz” so immediately entered another one, lovingly called it “S.Warne”, triple-captained Bones and plundered a gargantuan 779 points. This is the second time Mikey has triple-captained a star player (his last one being Sukesh when he scored 118 in week three). If you want the lottery numbers….

The usual suspects haunt the bottom few teams and there’s a theme developing. Tune in, turn on, or drop out.