Fantasy League -week four. Top Donkey!

There’s nowt quite as satisfying as backing yourself to the hilt and then delivering, and that’s precisely what Luke Benneyworth did last weekend. Not only did he score a superb ton but he chose himself as captain and thus rewarded his team “5 off them, 1 of them” with a huge 368 points from a total of 643 (the week’s highest haul) and rocketing himself into third overall. Chris Dutton’s Spider Sense must have been tingling as he also made Benney skip and used his 588 points to just about clamber his Donkeys over John Scott at the top of the pile.

Also boosting this week’s totals were Methuselah Daniels (98), James Uys (76), the oh-so-elegant Jamie Baldwin with 54 and Viv Menon with 48.

As far as MVPs go, it’s still Louis top with 346 and Danners and Benney right behind him on 343. Jamie B (235), the mighty Sukesh (233) and Alex Russel (172) complete the top five.

Some familiar names down the bottom of the table who need to maybe ship out some dead wood before it drags them under the waves…